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Table of Contents

1 Archived version

1.0 series

This is a development version, many (I mean a lot) of features are lacking.

VersionImport/export format versionRelease dateLinkSizeNotes
1.0a190.62013-08-27CellTracking-v1.0a19.tar.bz2~5.9MioBugs in TIFF export.
1.0a180.62013-08-27CellTracking-v1.0a18.tar.bz2~5.9MioDebugged zoom.
1.0a170.62013-08-27CellTracking-v1.0a17.tar.bz2~5.9MioProgress bar in exports. Documentation and draft of the manual included.
1.0a160.62013-08-14CellTracking-v1.0a16.tar.bz2~5.7MioWorking version. Experimental exports.
1.0a110.42013-07-27CellTracking-v1.0a11.tar.bz2~5.9MioDemo files. Import/Export interface (not activated by default). Export format in version 0.4. You should not use it. period.
1.0a9Nope2013-07-16CellTracking-v1.0a9.tar.bz2~3.3MioBugfixes. Working implementation of moving polygons. Import interface. You should not use it. period.
1.0a4Nope2013-07-12CellTracking-1.0a4.tar.bz2~3.3MioFull rewrite. This is still a very early alpha version. You should not use it. period

0.9.2 series

VersionRelease dateLinkSizeNotes
0.9.2a52012-11-04CellTracking-v0.9.2a5.tar.bz2~1.5MioVery minor change in the export format

0.9.1 series

VersionRelease dateLinkSizeNotes
0.9.1a52012-11-04CellTracking-v0.9.1a5.tar.bz2~1.5MioMany bugfixes, alignment and mosaic view are now working
0.9.1a42012-10-12CellTracking-v0.9.1a4.tar.bz2~1.5MioUpdated zoom features
0.9.1a32012-10-xxCellTracking-v0.9.1a3.tar.bz2~1.5MioExperimental zoom feature
0.9.1a22012-10-xxCellTracking-v0.9.1a2.tar.bz2~1.5MioExperimental phase tagging implementation, install bugs solved
0.9.1a12012-09-xxCellTracking-v0.9.1a1.tar.bz2~1.5MioBroken compatibility with files saved using the 0.9.0x versions of CellTracking. New save features

0.9.0 series

0.9.0a3CellTracking-v0.9.0a3.tar.bz2~1.5MioMany minor bugs fixed
0.9.0a2CellTracking-v0.9.0a2.tar.bz2~1.5MioMuch lighter (<3Mio), Many minor bugs fixed
0.9.0a1CellTracking-v0.9.tar.bz2~190MioBig file (>180Mio)

2 Git repository

You can clone the git repository using this command (–depth 1 means that we only take the last revision)

git clone --depth 1 git clone --depth 1 ssh://

You will be prompted a password: celltracking (write cell in capital letters)

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