CellTracking is a simple tool to track, annotate, and extract fluorescence data from time-lapse microscopy movies.

To do so, CellTracking provides a number of features:


Table of Contents

1 Features

Have a look at the Features page to see what CellTracking can do.


CellTracking-v1.0a9.png (CellTracking in version 1.0a9)

2 Download

Have a look at this page: Downloads.

3 Installation

CellTracking has already successfully been installed under Mac OS and GNU/Linux (Debian) architecture. Detailed installation instruction can be found in this page Install.

4 How-to / Manual

A manual will be published soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

5 Developer Documentation

The developer documentation can be found here: Documentation for developers.

6 How to report a bug?

I hope I might have some time to setup a real bugtracker. For the moment, I simply don't have time to moderate all the spam it would receive. Thus, if you have any bug report to do or any feature suggestion, please use my email address to contact me.

7 Contact information

Feel free to contact me for any contact/bug/suggestion at the following address: maxime.woringer @ ens.fr. Thank you!

Program created by Maxime Woringer during a summer internship in Jonathon Pines' lab in the Gurdon Institute, Cambridge, UK. Development is now realized in collaboration with Jörg Mansfeld's group in Dresden.

CellTracking_refpoly.png (CellTracking in version 0.9x)

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